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My Awards
Name Description Award
Blue Diamond Guardian of SmG, this is the most prestigious award Blue Diamond
Diamond A valued member of our community Diamond
SmG Angel Helping SmG in every way possible and giving nothing less than 100% SmG Angel
Speaker of the House This award is for 500+ threads started Speaker of the House
Gavel of Trinity For those who abide by the Rules! (Only SmG Trinity can give out this award) Gavel of Trinity
Member of the Month This is a monthly award for the best member Member of the Month
SmG Protector Protecting SmG from the evils of the internet and catching hackers/cheaters/abusive players SmG Protector
Grand Donator Donate $150 or more to SmG (does not include donations for other awards) Grand Donator
Master Donator Donate $100 or more to SmG (does not include donations for other awards) Master Donator
Advanced Donator Donate $50 or more to SmG (does not include donations for other awards) Advanced Donator
Stacks Of Money Donate $25 to SmG (does not include donations for other awards) Stacks Of Money
Emerald Donator Donate $15 to SmG (does not include donations for other awards) Emerald Donator
Donator Donate $10 or more to SmG. You will also receive the Donator rank (does not include donations for other awards) Donator
Coin King Donate $15 or more VIA Bitcoin to SmG. (Must be in Bitcoin | Does not include donations for other awards) Coin King
5k Reached 5000 Posts 5k
Gold Medal An over achiever Gold Medal
Silver Medal For doing something spectacular Silver Medal
Bronze Medal For being a hardworking SmG Member Bronze Medal
Supporter Helping our SmG Members in need Supporter
Halo God God at Halo Halo God
League of Legends League of Legends Gamers League of Legends
MineCraft Expert For building something awesome in MC or just being a MC expert. MineCraft Expert
MineCrafter Enjoys MineCraft and plays very often MineCrafter
Drunk Tends to drink more than average Drunk
Genius Has way too much knowledge Genius
Dunce You are a dumdum and we all know it Dunce
A**Wipe No one likes you xD A**Wipe
Flamer Flames people to much Flamer
Ninja You're stealth in the night Ninja
Graphics Master Expert Graphic Design Graphics Master
The Bomb You are cool with me (SmG Cloud) The Bomb
Grammar Nazi You must have excellent grammar in your posts to achieve this award Grammar Nazi
SmG YouTuber Promotes SmG on YouTube SmG YouTuber
Cool For being a cool member Cool
Smooth Being a naturally smooth and calm person Smooth
Strange You are strange Strange
Writer Being an excellent writer (or completed the 100 word challenge which is no longer available) Writer
Joker Keeping the clan in good spirits with your funny jokes Joker
Sweet Being a kind, gentle and sweet member Sweet
Brony Brony nub Brony
The King People Bow Down to YOU! The King
Hand-held Gamer Loves Handheld Gaming Hand-held Gamer
Green You know it Green
Ghost We don't always know if you are here Ghost
Thanks From Cloud You did something I appreciate Thanks From Cloud
Hearthstone God Winner of a Hearthstone Tournament Hearthstone God
Shady You lurk in the shadows..... Shady
Shyguy You're a shy one Shyguy
Programmer You excel in programming. Programmer
Super Computer Your computers specs are through the roof! Super Computer
Great Thinker You came up with an awesome idea. Great Thinker
Overwatch Plays Overwatch at level 100 Overwatch
One Ring To Rule Them All Leader Of The Month One Ring To Rule Them All
Juggernog Call of Duty Zombies Guru Juggernog
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