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Full Version: What is Christmas for you?
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What are Chrismas for you?
1. I can`t wait!
2. I just like them.
3. I don`t care.

My answer is that I cant wait!
I want to see your answers!
crying in my room

Christmas is a time of giving gifts and spending it with your loved ones
3. Don't care tbh.

Just another day that's overhyped.
I don't care about Christmas, for I do not celebrate Christmas
But hey, everybody seems to be happy during that time, so as long as it doesn't bring me too much inconvenience, then I don't mind
It does though, cuz the buses won't drive during Christmas...
Family gatherings
FOOD MY GUY tho I’m on a diet this time around
I like to get together with my family and spend time with them. Pretty fun talking with everyone tbh rather than alone.
I'd rather stay home on xmas day ;w;