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Full Version: Who do you think is the most active member in this community?
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If I were to pick 1 person it’d me smg pheonix, if I were to pick two it’s her sister. How about you? (Don’t judge me I’m curious Giggly)
I'll choose myself lol
Idk actually maybe Ranger, Sanchay or Drazzle but definetely not me  Kappa
1. her sister? I didn't know Phoenix where a girl >.>
2. they active?

and hmm, Kermit, leona? aspire and drazzle pretty active too, and sanchey.

That's some Bronze level English doe, ngl.

I'm only active now because I'm done with everything.
I cant choose if its me, myself or I
Me and Drazzle, because we're the ultimate rivals >:D

SmGLove SmGLove SmGLove
Depends if we are talking Discord and/or Forums
Id say probably Drazzle all up Homraban

I can say its 100% not birb tho lol
I check the forums but I am not used to replying to every thread that pops up ahah

Probably Cloud Kappa
Sanchay Kappa
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