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Rundas Ban Appeal 31 Dec 2020, 08:15 PM 9
Post Message
Ban Appeal

1. Rules: Have you read and agreed to our Community Rules?:

2. Game/Server Please state which Game and/or Server you have been banned on:
The Official SmG Gaming Discord Server

3. Names: Please state the exact name you were using when banned. For Discord, make sure to state both Username and #Number.
Rundas#0001, but that was a couple of deleted accounts ago. I am not sure what the deleted user tag is for it, unfortunately.

4. Other Names: State any other names you may have used separately.
I used to go by Pizza Joe, but that was a different time back then.

5. Time: Please state the approximate date and time you were banned. Including your timezone.
Some time in March or April of 2020 I think, I don't remember exactly. Could have even been May. ehhh

Spring of 2020?

6. Why were you banned?: Please state the reason you were banned or why you think you were banned.

     Here I will be addressing the crimes I've committed against SmG, and by extension, crimes I've committed against Cloud himself. Let me check out this list Cloud was so kind to share with me on my rejected ban appeal. Some of these I already went over in another different ban appeal, but it probably won’t hurt to go over them again over here.

- Being a smartass and pinging @everyone immediately after being told not to
     Technically I pinged @everybody and not @everyone as a “haha I’m not touching you” kind of thing. Definitely being a smartass. Definitely the wrong time and place. It looks like I also said I was arguing with the staff about it in my other ban appeal. Arguing with staff is definitely kinda dumb. Maybe the arguing part is what got me muted here. Even if we assume it didn’t, It definitely didn’t help my case at all. 

- Griefing on the MC Server
     Yeeeeeeah maybe drinking a ton and hanging out with @Rexy was a really stupid idea. Honestly the least defendable crime I’ve committed. Maybe even an actual war crime. @SmG Kalitz and @SmG Abi, I’m still sorry about helping put that massive ring of water around your very nice and well thought out ranch. It was very rude of me. I’m sure you put some proper hard work into that ranch-y homestead. 

- Trying to start drama, shit-talking staff
     I don’t really remember exactly what I did here, but uh, I don’t doubt it. Sounds like something I’d do. I get a lot heated sometimes. Maybe there’s a certain staff member that is a thorn in my side, and I’m definitely a thorn in their side as well. Maybe I could benefit from not getting so heated towards the staff for doing their jobs. The staff could probably benefit as well. 

- NSFW, Abusing Dyno for being down 
     Once again, I don’t quite exactly remember what I was doing here, but also, once again, I also don’t doubt it. I do say bad and questionable things a lot. Maybe not like hate crime levels of bad, but still bad nonetheless. In my last… eh… ‘proper’ ban appeal, I kind of equated it to that episode where spongebob makes all those dolphin noises. I did my best to cut down on all my swearing and whatnot after this, but I clearly didn’t do a good enough job.

- Banned for Being NSFW/Toxic
     I don’t know if I’d call reacting an eggplant emoji to every message in #general NSFW, but I’d definitely agree that it’s toxic. Definitely toxic as hell. Should have stopped when staff asked me, and it was not only stupid to continue, but also kinda just rude to everyone trying to enjoy themselves in #general as well.

Alright, now we can get into the newer stuff that mostly counts towards this ban and ban appeal. Mmmmm… Spicy… 

- Muted 3 Days NSFW, Disrespectful 
     So me and the boys were talking about going to visit my favorite island off the northeast coast of Canada, Pen Island. We were gonna get ourselves some fancy-schmancy pens we thought. Maybe one of the staff mistakenly thought we were talking about something else very inappropriate and very reasonably asked us to stop being NSFW. Instead of explaining myself and my pals, I asked this staff member if he would like to join us. He did not want to join us to get fancy pens. He wanted to mute us. Maybe it would have been smarter to not ask the staff if they wanted to get pens with the boys on our trip to Pen Island. Serves me right for being inclusive of everybody in chat I guess. 

- Muted 1 Hour NSFW
     I don’t really remember what happened here, but it was probably over Pen Island again. While I don’t think this should have even been an issue now or the time before, I definitely should have put on my big boy panties and listened to staff when they told me to stop. Totally my fault for not listening to the staff. 

- Muted 1 Day Disrespectful Towards Staff and Members
     Wires and I talked this over a little bit already right after it happened, but it’s still worth putting here with everything else. Someone joined the server and replied to something a member had told them with “kkk”. You guys know what the KKK is right? I made the false and very dangerous assumption that everyone knew what that meant, and kind of blew up on the guy or more likely, the kid, and very irately told them not to say stuff like that. Staff member xyz shows up and calls me a troll and I got reeeeeeeally mad. Like steam out the ears mad. I’m not a troll. I just don’t think people should be throwing those letters around like that. 
     My reaction to that was, less than appropriate. While I don’t think that what I did was wrong here, how I went about doing it was definitely 100% wrong. Had I gone about it in a calmer manner instead of immediately going nuclear on some random kid, it probably would have been fine. I’m starting to see some recurring themes here…..

- Chammy Clam Lips
    Yeah, I was alting after I got muted? I’m pretty sure that was after I got banned actually. Either way, it’s against the rules and was probably not the smartest thing for me to do. I don’t really have anything to say here. Not even like a “well maybe I just went about it the wrong way.” This was completely against the rules and completely my fault. 

     You guys missed my ban in that there screencap, but I basically said I was going to post my ass in #images and posted a friend’s elbow looking like a big pair of buttcheeks. I think I was also spam pinging a staff member about it too. That part was definitely kinda rude and uncalled for. And then I kept posting the picture when a staff member was deleting it. Maybe it would have been wise to stop, instead of continuing on and getting myself banned. 

     While typing this big wall of text out, it kinda looks to me like a lot of these mutes and bans could have completely been avoided if I had just listened to the staff when they asked me to stop. Ain’t that just crazy? I was warned a heck ton of times and could have easily not ended up like this if I had just pulled my head out of my butt. It’s almost like you guys aren’t trying to fuck my ass and are actually trying to help me. You’ve pointed out to me that I don’t take your mutes or warnings seriously, and you’re completely right. Maybe I ought to pull my head out of my ass and start taking the stuff the staff says seriously. 

7. Why should you be unbanned?: Please state why you think you should be un-banned providing as much evidence as possible.
     How do the youtuber apology videos start out? Look into the camera, sigh, and “I’m sorry…” Let’s do one of those. Actually no, let’s not. Dumb stuff like that is how I got into this mess. Cloud said you all wanted a serious ban appeal, so I'm going to try to keep it serious. 

     If I really had to tell the truth here, I don't really know if there are any legitimate reasons why I should be unbanned. Not only have I broke the rules a crap ton, tried starting shit with staff member xyz several times, and to top it all off, the last time I got unbanned, the big man himself said that was my last chance. And I kinda blew it that last chance real hard. Like a saxophone. Basically, this is just me pleading to you at this point.

     If you're all willing to unban me, I will work on my aggression and unwillingness to comply when being told by the staff to stop doing something. Even if I think it's harmless. Basically, I'll listen to the staff. Just like everyone else does. Sorry for failing you guys last time. 

edit: fixing some spacing

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