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Staff Ranks
Staff Ranks

Ranks above the rank of scouts are referred to the as the staff of SmG. All these roles are handpicked by higher ups and each have a function of making SmG run smoothly, whether it be moderating the forums, moderating the discord, setting up servers or accepting applications. Problems of any kind in the community should be brought to the staff.


This rank is for a member with the highest level of trust and power in the community. The role of an admin is to overlook everything in SmG, this includes all the administration with the discord, site, profile and ranks, as well as make major decisions relating to the future of the community. They can help with everything SmG, including all the other rank’s roles. Due to the massive amount of duties that have to be done by the admins, it is advised to contact them only if no other rank can solve a given issue.


This rank is for a member who has proven themselves to be capable and has worked hard for SmG. As moderators (mods for short) are the rank second from admin they are often involved in major changes that occur in the community and help to relieve pressure from administration.The role of a Moderator is to look after forum threads and make sure that there is no spam or rule breaking. They also moderate discord chat to keep it a clean and friendly environment.


Supports are the introduction into the SmG staff. The role of Support staff includes accepting applications, helping members and non members, and alert Moderators to problems in the Discord or on the website when they see them. Support staff are handpicked by management, however, the acquisition of scout helps your chances greatly.

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