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Reputation System Guide

The Reputation System is a way for members to award points to other members to recognise their efforts. This includes tasks that contribute to being a valued member of SmG, or being an overall nice person, helping everyone in need and trying your best at all times. Members can award a maximum of 3 points to any other member on forums, while Staff can award 5 to 10 depending on ranks.

How To Give Reputation
To give reputation to a member:
- Click their profile
- Where it says Reputation, click
NOTE: You can also view reputation of the user by clicking Details”.

- A new window will pop up, allowing you to input the number of reputation you want to give.
- Enter a reason and finish up by pressing Add Rating”.

Reputation Rules
• You are not allowed to ask for reputation. This includes giving someone rep and asking for it back.
• You may not flame a user in a reputation.
• You are not allowed to gang rep a user (multiple users agreeing to rep a single user). This is for both positive and negative rep.
• You cannot leave any personal information or inappropriate content in reputation.
• Do not leave any spam or meaningless reputation on someone's profile.
• You are allowed to leave links, only if they are relevant and follow all the rules.

What is Revenge Reputation?
Revenge reputation is the practice of getting a negative reputation after you have given that person a negative. This is not against the rules.
If you have left someone a negative reputation score, you can expect them to reciprocate.
Think carefully about your choices when leaving reputation. If you fear revenge rep, then reconsider.
Admins will not take action on revenge reps.

Good Vs Bad Reputation
Admins monitor the reputation that is given, and will remove it if deemed inappropriate. This consists of reputation that is not valid, poorly written as well as trying to promoting your own reputation or ruining someone else's.
Good reputation consist of proper remarks about the person regarding their work, their attitude or qualities that need recognition. Some examples are:
- Always friendly, nice to talk to, always willing to help
- Nice work with photo editing/threads
- Always trying their best to be a great part of SmG

Examples of Bad Reputation
- I like cake.
- Hi i’m paul.

Given Reputation
Whilst viewing the Reputation you have received, you are also able to view the Reputation you have given.
To do this you will only need to click on "Show Given Reputation". The button will then switch to "Show Received Reputation" if you wish to go back.

Note: Admins reserve the right to remove Reputation from users who abuse the System.

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