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How To Donate

Click here to donate, or read the guide below for more information

What Donations Help With
Donations to SmG go toward funding services like our site and our servers, all donations contributes towards making SmG a better community for all everyone.

How To Donate
To Donate, click the “Donate” button at the top of the site, alternatively you can go to this link here.

Select the amount you wish to donate and press "Paypal".

This will take you to a new page.

Complete the process through Paypal.

Different amounts of donations can earn you different awards on forums.

Information on Donator roles
There are 2 roles that can be obtained after donating.
One is the SmG Donator role/rank and the other is the Donator role/rank on both forums and Discord.
The difference is that SmG Donator is given to people who have membership while the other role/rank is given to someone who is simply a supporter for the community.
Please remember that in order to receive any one of these ranks/roles, a minimum donation of $10 is required.

Perks of Donations
- Donator Rank on both forums and Discord (that depends on membership)
- Custom User Title
This is a small section above your rank where you can add a small text of anything you want instead of having it default to text of your rank.

- Awards relating to the level of donation
- Recognition via a personal thank you message on the forums from Cloud and ranks/roles given via Discord and forums
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