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Inbox And Messaging Guide

The first step is to click on the "User Control Panel" Button at the top left of your screen.

After clicking on User Control Panel, there should be a sidebar available. This guide will explain the uses of important options in the menu.

Inbox and Messaging
You've got mail! Or maybe not, maybe you want to send some instead.

This is where you can begin a private message to any user on the forums. After clicking on "Compose", it will open up this window.

A - Recipient
This is who your message is sent to, make sure you type the user correctly to ensure it is delivered to the right person. 3 characters or more must be typed for a list of users to be shown in a drop-down menu.

B - Subject
The subject of your message goes here, make sure it is relevant so the recipient can understand what you want to talk about.

C - Emojis
Go ham or go home. Add your own flare to things. Also click "Get More" to see all the emojis.

D - Body
This is where your message will go.

Remember to check your options and tick the ones relevant to you.

Once you are done with your message, there will be some more options. You can either hit "Send Message" to send it or "Save As Draft" to store it to send later.
You can also hit "Preview" to see what your message will look like to the recipient.

This is where all your received messages are kept. Things like awards given and buddy requests will also be shown here. Sub-categories of the inbox include:
  1. Sent - Messages you’ve sent out can be viewed here.
  2. Draft - Messages you've stored for sending later.
  3. Trash Can - Messages you've deleted, just in case you accidentally delete something!

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