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Avatar And Signature Guide

The first step is to click on the "User Control Panel" Button at the top left of your screen.

After clicking on User Control Panel, there should be a sidebar available. This guide will explain the uses of important options in the menu.

Changing Your Avatar
If you feel the need to change your avatar, click "Change Avatar".

It will take you to this window:

Upload your avatar by pressing "Choose File" and then press "Change Avatar" to complete the process. You can also remove your avatar with "Remove Avatar".

Note: Images that are beyond 200 x 200 will be resized automatically. If you're feeling crispy and want to add a GIF as an avatar, the GIF has to be exactly 200 x 200 and under 1,000 KB in size or it won't be work. However if you have a cool GIF that you want to use but its over 200 x 200, you'll need to resize it.

Some sites for resizing:
- is a great site you can use to crop/edit the image/GIF to 200 x 200.
- its also good just upload the image, click the dimensions option, then type it in and boom! you are good to go.

Changing Your Signature
So after being in SmG for sometime I'm sure you've seen some of our members with amazing signatures and you may wonder, “how can I get one of those?” Well you've come to the right place, we'll show you how it’s done.

Creating a Signature
This can either be the easiest/hardest part. If you are good with Photoshop or any photo editing tool you should be able to make yourself a brand spanking new signature. We also do have certain SmG Members (e.g. SmG Lupa, SmG Altair) who may be willing to help you make a signature as well (if they are available). If you don't want a custom signature however, you can simply just rip an image off Google or somewhere cool, that's also fine. You do you!

NOTE: If you rip an image of google you don't need to download it, just right click it and select copy image URL.
NOTE: Images will be automatically scaled so don't worry about that.

Uploading the Signature to the Forums
It will take you to this window:

If you ripped the image off google you can copy and paste and you will be done, however custom made signatures need to be uploaded. You can do this by using sites such as tiny pic ( or lightshot ( You can also upload the image to discord, right click it, click open link then right click it again and click copy image location and you will be fine. Afterwards just click "Update Signature" and boom you have your amazing signature.

You can also preview your signature and see what it will look like before publishing by clicking "Preview Signature".

Bask in its Glory
Now you can see your signature all over forums and stare at its gloriousness.

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