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Registration Guide

Registering for Forums

Agreeing to Terms and Conditions

The first step to registration is to find the "Register" button at the top left hand side of your screen.

Remember to agree to terms and conditions by pressing "I Agree".


Fill in your details into the relevant boxes.

A - Account Details
Here is where your username, password and email will go. Remember to pick an appropriate username. Do NOT register with SmG in your username, this will be added after your application if you intend to submit one.

B - Additional Information
This is where you include your discord handle, remember to put in the numbers after the hashtag as well.

C - Human Verification
Check the box and tell us you aren't a robot, or we'll have to release the kraken.

D - Account Preferences
Check the boxes relevant to you, and edit your subscriptions as well as other preferences for the site.

E - Time Zone
Add your timezone into the site so it can adjust to your time.

F - Referrer
If someone has helped you out with your registration and made you feel welcome or inclined to join the community, it is nice to give them credit here, type in 3 characters of their name and search for it in the drop down menu.

G - Security Question
Answer this question here to complete your application. Press "Refresh" if you would like a different question.

After all relevant fields have been completed, press "Submit Registration!" to complete your registration.

You are now a registered member, feel free to browse forums and get to know the site. If you intend to apply for membership at SmG, you can follow up with our Application Process .

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