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Posting a Reply

How to Post

Finding Posts

A - Todays Posts
This will show you all posts made today.

B - Unread Posts
This will show you all posts that you haven't seen.

Should look like this:

If you see a thread, you're interested in, click it! Or feel free to start your own thread!


After clicking on a thread of your liking, after a quick read, scroll to the bottom and you'll see this:

A - Your Post
Type what you want in your post here.

Post Reply
If you want to enable or disable Signatures and Emojis, make sure the relevant boxes are ticked.

All Done!
Congrats! You made it through your post, and after a few more times, it'll come to you easier. Any questions can be directed to our members (and staff), who would be happy to help you out!

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