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Posting a New Thread
How To Post Threads

Finding the Correct Forum

After figuring out the topic for your desired thread, it's a good idea to find the correct forum to put your thread in. Threads about standard topics should go into the General Discussion, whilst threads about certain games should go into their respective sections, such as Overwatch or Halo, etc. Other topics irrelevant to gaming general or technical discussion should go into Off-topic! A good thread to start would be your own introduction thread in the Introduction section on forums! Let us know who you are so we can get to know you better!

There will always be a "Post Thread" button in all appropriate sections.

Post Thread

Clicking "Post Thread" will take you to this window.

A - Thread Subject
Refers to the subject of the thread, make sure it is relevant to your topic so that members can understand what your thread is about. No need to be formal if you don't want to be!

B - Emojis
Go ham or go home, there for you to add some fun to your post. Also click "Get More" to see all the emojis.

C - Body
This is where you type your thread content.


Hit that "Post Thread" button at the bottom of the window!
You can also "Preview Thread" which will show you what your thread will look like when published.
Or you can "Save as Draft", which will store your thread for future publishing.

Congrats! You made it through your thread, and after a few more times, it'll come to you easier. Any questions can be directed to our Members (and Staff), who would be happy to help you out!

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