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Referral Guide

Learn all you ever need to know about SmG's Referral System here. Very important information for anyone interested in achieving the Scout rank.

What Is The Referral System?

The Referral System is how SmG tracks the recruitment efforts of our members. Whenever a new user registers on the website, they are given the opportunity to give credit to an SmG member for referring them to SmG.
This is done either by using the member's Referral Link, or by inputting the member's username in the registration form. (More information about the Registration form here.)
After the new user registers, that user is logged as a referral for the member who referred them. Refer at least 25 new users to achieve the Scout rank. (More info about Ranks here.)
Continue reading below to learn how to both get referrals, as well as check how many you have.

How To Get Referrals

Getting referrals means meeting and being sociable with new people, which can be difficult for some people. But with the right attitude, getting referrals can be quite easy.

Step 1 - Meeting New People

This is technically the easiest part: just meet new people! You can meet new people on our Discord, or even meet people in real life who might be interested in SmG.
Anyone you meet that likes playing games is a potential new member in SmG! Just need to get out there and meet people and get to know them!

Step 2 - Direct Them To The Forums

Now that you've met some people who would be interested in SmG, direct them to the website. You can do this in one of two methods.

The First Method: Send them our URL: When they register, have them put your username in the referral box included in the registration form (shown below).

The Second Method: Send them your personalized referral link. This link is custom for you and can be found in your User Control Panel. Simply click on the User Control Panel link at the top of any page, and your referral link is shown in the Account Summary section at the top of the page.

Step 3 - Help Them Complete Registration

At this point, you're almost done. Just help them complete their registration using either of the methods from Step 2, and you're done!
If you need more information on how to complete the registration process, refer to the Registration Guide here.
Once they are registered, you should direct them to apply to be a new SmG member by following this guide here.

How To Check Your Referrals

Step 1 - Navigate to Your Profile On the top of any page on the website, click your username in the top left corner of the page.

Step 2 - Check Your Referrals Here on your profile page, you can see all the general information about your public profile, which includes the number of members you have referred (shown below).
You can also click Details to see the usernames of all the members you referred.

If you require further assistance then please contact a staff member here.
There is a lot of information related to SmG that is not on this page. Our Help Documents can assist you with any questions you may have.

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