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Referral Guide


Referrals are used to give credit to another user or member of SmG Gaming that has guided someone through registering for a forum account. Apart from being a requirement to obtain the Scout rank, they also show dedication and care towards the development of SmG, which is useful for possible future promotion nominations. They can be input via manually typing in 3 characters of the referrer's name into the registration and selecting the user from a drop down menu, or simply by using a link found in the User Control Panel shown below.

The proper way to get referrals is to be nice and friendly, leading them to the site and following up with their registration making sure all processes go smoothly and correctly. It is also advisable that you help the person out with any questions, or direct them to a staff if you don't know how to answer it. Just make sure you take care of the person and make them feel as welcome as possible in SmG! This in turn will help SmG become a fun and friendly place!

Given Referrals
To view who you have referred, you must go to your Profile and then select "Details" next to your referral number.

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