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Ban Appeal Guide
Making a Ban Appeal

If you or someone you know has been banned and wishes to make an appeal, make sure to follow the guide below.


If you do not have a forum account, please follow our Registration Guide to create an account in order to post your ban appeal. If you do have a forum account, simply skip this step and continue with the steps below.

Posting a Ban Appeal

You can locate the section for ban appeals under forums, or click here.

You will then be taken to the ban appeal section where all ban appeals are submitted. There is Appeal Information for Ban Appeals shown as follows. This information can assist you for properly carrying out a Ban Appeal.

To create your Ban Appeal Form, you can click on the "Post Thread" button on the top or bottom of the page. After clicking "Post Thread", a form will show. Make sure to answer all questions correctly and provide as much evidence to justify your claims.


After all this, an Administrator will handle the rest for you! Just be patient while we discuss your ban appeal and come to a consensus!


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