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Award System Guide
The Awards System

The Awards System is a way for Admins to give recognition to Members. Different awards can be given out for different achievements and full list of them can be found here . At the bottom of that page, you can also check out the latest awards that have been given out to members of SmG.

Some awards can be earned by working hard, others can be awarded by donations and some can be achieved by meeting certain requirements. These each come with their respective icons that are displayed under your forum profile like below.

Award Rules
• Users cannot have a warning level when redeeming an award.
• If you are posting proof via a picture then you must put a piece of paper with your SmG name/Tag/Discord etc... in the picture. This is to make sure the image wasn't taken from somewhere else such as google images.

Claiming an Award
Some Awards can be claimed, as they have pre-requisites. These Awards can be claimed on our Claim All Your Awards Here! thread.
Keep working hard in order to get yourself noticed for one the awards!

A Completed Example

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