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Re-Application Guide

Re-Applying to the Community

Note: The Re-Application Process is only for members that have lost their member rank on the forums due to the activity rules that are no longer in place.

If you wish to re-apply to SmG Gaming, make sure you are logged into your past SmG account. This will ensure a faster re-application process.


Click "Home" at the top of the screen to begin your re-application process or click this to go straight to forum itself.

Because you are re-applying, you must scroll down and click on the "Ex-Members Application" section.

There is a simple format for re-applying, which is shown below:

You can format your application to your liking (show us your style) as long as all highlighted information is present. Scroll down further to find the "Post Thread" button on the right below the application format.

Posting Your Application

After choosing the "Post Thread" option, this window will show. Input all relevant information and format however you like. Don't forget your Discord username number.

A - Thread Subject
Refers to the subject of the thread, which in this case is your application. Make sure it is relevant to your topic so that members can understand what your thread is about. In this case, something like "Re-Application", "My re-application", "Re-App" etc, no need to be formal if you don't want to be!

B - Emojis
Go ham or go home, they're for you to add some fun to your post. Also click "Get More" to see all the emojis.

C - Body
This is where you type your thread content, in this case, your application would go here.

A Completed Example

To finalise your application, press "Post Thread".


After all this, a Staff Member will handle the rest for you! Make sure to check your thread regularly for the staffs decision on your application.

Thanks for your interest in us! We hope you will enjoy being a part of SmG Gaming again!

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