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Bot Commands
SmG Discord Bot Commands

A list of all our bots and commands in our Discord. Remember, these commands may only be used in the #bot-chat and #bot-games text channel.

Box Bot Commands
Prefix: b!
Example: b!daily

b!trivia - Get half-hourly trivia questions, with a chance to win exp and boxes.
b!hourly - Get and automatically open a free common box.
b!daily - Get a daily rare box, with a 7% chance to recieve 2 rare boxes.
b!claim - Get an extra daily box, by voting for the bot.
b!weekly - Get a weekly ultra rare box.

b!use [item] - Open boxes, use items, attack others or heal yourself.
b!sell [item] - Sell an item, or write "b!sell [item] x[amount]" to sell a specific amount.
b!sellall - Sell all items, or write "b!sellall [rarity]" to sell an entire weapon rarity instead.
b!buy [item] - Buy an item, or write "b!buy [item] x[amount]" to buy a specific amount.
b!trade [user] - Trade items or money with another user.
b!optout - Opt out of the game (24 hours cooldown, increases with 24 hours each use, max 1 week).
b!optin - Opt back in and start participating in the game again.
b!coinflip - Flip a coin and have a 50% chance of winning or losing that money.

Player Info:
b!cooldowns - View your cooldowns.
b!notify - Toggles cooldown notifications on/off. Allows BoxBot to send DMs.
b!value - View the value of your entire inventory, if all of it were to be sold.
b!inventory - View your inventory, or write "b!inventory [user]" to see anothers.
b!gtop - Shows the 9 people with the most value globally.
b!money - Shows your money, or write "b!money [user]" to see anothers.
b!health - Shows how much health you have (out of 100).
b!level - Check your level according to the amount of exp you have earned.
b!profile - Check your kill counter, death counter, and K:D ratio.

Bot Info:
b! - Command prefix (note: Patrons can set their own prefix in the future).
b!help - Shows every command and item in the bot at that current time.
b!items - Lists all items, or "b!item [item]" for full info about an item.
b!commands - Lists all commands, or "b!cmd [command]" for command info.
b!image - See the full-sized image of an item.
b!invite - Sends the link to invite BoxBot to a server.
b!ping - Pong!
b!rules - Shows the rules of BoxBot.

Prefix: ;;
Example: ;;skip

;;play url - Plays music from the given URLs.
;;list - Displays a list of the current songs in the playlist.
;;nowplaying - Displays the currently playing song.
;;skip- Skips the current song. Please use in moderation.
;;stop - Stops the player and clears the playlist. Reserved for moderators.
;;pause - Pauses the player.
;;unpause - Unpauses the player.
;;join - Makes the bot join your current voice channel.
;;leave - Makes the bot leave the current voice channel.
;;repeat - Changes the repeat mode. Run this command for more info. ;;repeat all
;;shuffle - Toggles shuffle mode for the current queue.
;;fwd - Forwards the track by a given amount of time. ;;fwd 2:30
;;rew - Rewinds the track by a given amount of time. ;;rew 30
;;seek - Sets the position of the track to the given time. ;;seek 2:45:00
;;split - Takes a YouTube track and splits the track based on the tracklist.

Prefix: !
Example: !cloud

!admin - Information about administrators.
!administrator - Information about administrators.
!banned - How can I be unbanned?
!cloud - Who's «SmG» Cloud?
!discordgod - Displays Information about the Discord God award.
!discordwarrior - Displays Information about the Discord warrior award.
!donator - How do I get Donator rank?
!fortniter - Displays Information about Fortniter award.
!games - What games does this community play?
!joinsmg - How do I join SmG?
!kirby - Who's «SmG» Kirby?
!link - What's the link to the forums?
!member - Information about members.
!mod - Information about moderators.
!moderator - Information about moderators.
!r3c0n - Who's «SmG» R3c0n?
!ranks - What are all the ranks and their hierarchy?
!registereduser - Information about registered users.
!regular - Information about regulars.
!rooma - Who's «SmG» Rooma?
!scout - Information about scouts.
!seniormember - Information about senior members.
!smg - What does it stand for?
!smghelp - Where can I find an FAQ/help?
!support - Information about support staff.
!wires - Who's «SmG» Wires?

Prefix: !aki
Example: !aki help

!aki start - Start a game
!aki help - See this for help
!aki stop - Stop a game
!aki invite - Invite me to your server
!aki stats - Show Aki stats
!aki hello - Resend hello message
!aki user [<@mention> | ] - Show information about yourself or a user
!aki guild [] - Show information about this guild or another one
!aki language - Set your preferred game language
!aki ladder [global] - Show your guild's ladder or the global one.
!aki thonks enable | disable - Control reactions for this guild
!aki thonk - Post a random thonk
!aki prefix | 'no_prefix' | 'reset' - Set a prefix for this guild

Prefix: +
Example: +ping

about- About me~
support - Posts a link to the official Patreon
joinedat - Check when a user joined the current server
ping - Pong!
live - Check if someone's streaming!
avatar - Displays your avatar
user - Get user information
invite - Invite me to your server :3
help - Displays all of my available commands~

meme - Create a meme out of any user!
captcha - Prove someone with a captcha
duck - Images of ducks, QUACK!
blush - Posts a girl blushing o////o
birb - Cute birbs :3
nani - Posts a picture that says nani
lewd - Posts a girl saying lewd
woop - Woop woop!
wag - Wag the tail! :3
neko - Posts a random neko
dog - Random dogs!
cat - cats. Cats. CATS!
e621 - Searches e621 and pulls a random image (only in NSFW channels)
rule34 - Searches rule34 and pulls a random image (only in NSFW channels)
notwork - That's not how it works you little shit
calling - Tom & Jerry calling meme generator
discordmeme - Displays a random discord meme
dab - Dab on haters
dance - Posts a dancing image, get down and boogie
cry - Posts a crying picture when you're sad ;-;

ship - Make a lovely ship <3
lovecalc - Calculate love levels between two members
ratewaifu - Rates your waifu~
kiss - Kiss someone :3
lick - Lick someone o////o
pat - Give someone a pat! o//o
hug - Give someone a hug o////o
cuddle - Cuddle someone :3
boot - Throw a boot at someone >:3
blush - You will blush *-*
handhold - Hold the hand of someone :3
tickle - Tickle someone! :3
slap - Slap someone! o//o
poke - Poke someone :3
nom - Nom someone :3
highfive - High-five someone! o/\o
throw - Throw something at someone >:3
flower - Give to someone a flower :3
fruitsnacks - Give someone a fruit
cookie - Give someone a cookie! ?
beer - Give someone a beer!

echo - Echo!
drake - Make a dank, drake meme
calling - Tom & Jerry calling meme generator
facts - Boost your ego by making everything you say a fact
funfact - Fun fact, did you know...
choose - Picks from a list of choices
reverse - !poow ,ffuts esreveR
f - Press F to pay respects
pickle - Find out your pickle size!
scroll - The sacred scroll has something to say!
urban - Find the 'best' definition of whatever word you pass

coinflip - Flip a coin!
slots - Roll the slot machine
roll - Rolls a number between the given range
eightball - Consult 8ball to receive an answer
rps - Rock, paper, scissors!

Prefix: p!
Example: p!info

Getting Started:
p!start - Start the game!
p!pick - Pick a starter pokémon! (p!start shows all available)
p!help - Displays this help message.

p!info - Shows your selected pokémon's information.
p!pokemon - Shows a list of your pokémon.
p!fav - Shows a list of your favourite pokémon.
p!addfav - Adds a pokémon to your list of favourites.
p!removefav - Removes a pokémon from your list of favourites.
p!nickname - Gives a nickname to your currently selected pokémon.
p!dropitem - Drop the item your pokémon is currently holding.
p!select - Select which pokémon to train and use in battle!
p!catch - Catch a pokémon!
p!release - Release a pokémon!
p!duel @User - Challenge one of your friends to a 1 on 1 duel!
p!trade @User - Invite one of your friends to a trade!
p!moves - List all moves your pokémon can currently learn.
p!learn - Teach your pokémon a move.
p!shop - Open the shop to see items available for purchase.
p!buy - Buy an item from shop.

Bot Information:
p!botinfo - Shows general bot information.
p!invite - Gives the bot's invite link.
p!donate - Sends a link to donate to support the bot.

Prefix: t!
Example: t!top

t!profile [@user ] - View yours or someone else's customizable personal global profile card.
t!rank [@user ] - View yours or someone else's server rank card.
t!top - Display members with the most server score or global XP.
t!dailies [@user ] - Get or award your daily credits. More credits will be given at random if awarded to someone else.
t!reputation [@user ] - Award someone a reputation point. Can only be used once every 24 hours. Leave blank to check reputation cooldown.
t!credits [user ] [amount ] - Check your credit balance or give someone else some credits.
t!daily - To get 200 coin every day
t!setinfo [text ] - Set the text shown on your profile info box. Maximum of 125 characters. To reset info box, do not include any info text. Your info box can also be configured on the profile dashboard.
t!settitle [text ] - Set your profile title text (shown below your name). Maximum of 23 characters. To reset your title, do not include any title text. Your title can also be configured on the profile dashboard.
t!background - Posts a link to your profile dashboard where you can purchase & change your profile background.

t!fish - Start fishing
t!fish inventory - Check your inventory (Common Fish, uncommon fish, Garbage)
t!fish sell [(garbage) (common) (uncommon)] - Sell fish and garbage
t!fish rarefish - Shows you your collection of rarefish
t!fish redeem :octopus: - Redeems an octopus for "1250" Credits

t!image [--nsfw] [--day | --week | --month | --year | --all] - Get a random image from Imgur.
t!dice [(rolls) d(sides) ] - Roll a dice with 6 sides or as specified.
t!choose (option)
t!8ball (question) - Ask the magic 8 ball a question.
t!coin - Flip a coin (or some coins).
t!rps [rock | paper | scissors ] - Rock, paper, scissors.
t!numberfacts [number ] - Obtain facts about numbers.
t!catfacts - Catfacts! Obtain facts about cats.
t!fortune [category ] - Get a fortune from the following categories: all, computers, cookie, definitions, miscellaneous, people, platitudes, politics, science, and wisdom. By default wisdom is selected.
t!cat - Gives you a random cat.
t!cookie <@user > - Give someone a cookie.
t!psychopass <@user > - Have the Sibyl System check someone's crime coefficient.
t!reverse (text) - Returns the input backwards.

t!vote (start | check | end) [t: (topic)] | (option 1) | (option 2) | [ ... ] - Start a new vote, vote for an option or check a vote.
t!urban (Search Terms) - Search and return Urban Dictionary definitions.
t!strawpoll (option 1) | (option 2) | [ ... ] - Create a Strawpoll with multiple options.
t!wiki (Search Terms) - Search and return Wikipedia articles.
t!weather (City/City,Code) or (ZIP/ZIP,Code) - Obtains the weather using openweathermap.
t!shorten (Link URL) [Vanity URL ] - Shorten links with link shortener.
t!todo [ add | remove | clear | list ] - Personal to-do list.

t!anime ((Search Terms) - Gets details of an anime from MAL.
t!manga (Search Terms) - Gets details of a manga from MAL.
t!schoolidol [Idol name ] - Fetches LLSIF cards.

t!beautiful [someone ] - This is beautiful.

@Tatsumaki - Chat with Tatsumaki
t!help [command ] - Displays a list of commands. Provide a command to get usage information & examples.
t!ping - Checks if Tatsumaki is online.
t!changelog - Fetches Tatsumaki's changelogs from her support server.
t!avatar [user 1 ] [user 2 ] [user 3 ] [user 4 ] (server)- Gets a user's avatar. Up to 4 users can be selected. Use the "server" flag to get the server's icon.
t!info [user ] - Shows info, such as ID and join date, about yourself or a user.
t!role [@role ] - Shows info about a guild role. Accepts name, mention or role id.
t!shared [user ] - Shows which servers Tatsumaki shares with you or another user. This is limited to servers on the same shard.
t!usage [command ]

Prefix: owo
Example: owo top

top - Shows rankings for this server.
my - Shows your ranking in this server.

cowoncy - Shows the amount of cowoncy you have.
give - Give an amount of cowoncy to another user.
daily - Get a daily reward.
vote - Vote for OwO bot to get some cowoncy.

zoo - Shows all the animals you have.
hunt - Use some cowoncy to gain more animals.
sell - Sell animals to gain more cowoncy.
battle - Use your pets to battle against other users.
weapons - Shows you all of your weapons.
pets - Shows your pets.
inv - Shows your inventory.
equip - Equip items from your inventory.
autohunt - Automatically goes out and hunts for you.

slots - Use cowoncy to spin the slot machine to win more.
coinflip - Put cowoncy or heads or tails to have a 50/50 chance to win cowoncy.
blackjack - Play blackjack against OwO bot.
lottery - Enter the lottery to win massive amounts of money.

8b - Ask the magic 8ball a question.
define - Defines a word.
gif - Selects a gif for you.
pic - Selects a pic for you.
translate - Translates a word/sentence to another language.

cookie - Gives someone a cookie.
ship - Makes a ship name.

blush - You blush at something/someone.
cry - You cry at something/someone.
dance - You dance for something/someone.
lewd - You lewd something/someone.
pout - You pout at something/someone.
shrug - You shrug at something/someone
sleepy - You are sleepy.
smile - You smile at something/someone.
smug - You look smug at something/someone.
thumbsup - You give something/someone a thumbsup.
wag - You wag a tail at something/someone.
thinking - OwO adds a think emoji reaction/You think about something/someone.
triggered - You are triggered at something/someone.
teehee - You giggle at something/someone.
deredere - You love something/someone.
thonking - You try to understand something/someone.
scoff - You scoff at something/someone.
happy - You are happy.
thumbs - You give something/someone a thumbs up.
grin - You grin at something/someone.

cuddle - You cuddle something/someone.
hug - You hug something/someone.
insult - You insult something/someone.
kiss - You kiss something/someone.
lick - You lick something/someone.
nom - You nom on something/someone.
pat - You pat something/someone.
poke - You poke something/someone.
slap - You slap something/someone.
stare - You stare at something/someone.
highfive - You highfive something/someone.
bite - You bite something/someone.
greet - You greet something/someone.
punch - You punch something/someone.
handholding - You hold hands with something/someone.
tickle - You tickle something/someone.
kill - You kill something/someone.
hold - You hold something/someone.
pats - You give pats to somthing/someone.
wave - You wave at something/someone.
boop - You boop something/someone.

feedback - Give feedback to OwO bot.
stats - Shows stats about OwO.
link - Invite Owo bot to your server.
disable - Disables OwO bot(admins only).
censor - Disables NSFW content(admins only).
patreon - Sends a link to OwO bot's patreon.

Prefix: >
Example: >profile

>leaderboards (page number) - returns top global users sorted by the amount of Exp they have
>leaderboards local (page number) - returns top users in your server sorted by the amount of Exp they have.
>leaderboards mekos (page number) - returns top global users sorted by the amount of Mekos they have.
>leaderboards commands (page number) - returns top global users sorted by the number of commands they have used.
>leaderboards rep (page number) - returns top global users sorted by the number of rep they have.

Profile shows all information about your account:
>profile - shows your profile
>profile (@user) - shows the mentioned person's profile
>profile (user ID) - shows the profile of the person with that user ID

Database Commands:
Database-related command:
>syncname - If your username isn't the same as the one in the database, do this.

Money Commands:
Commands that involve the use of mekos:
>daily - gives you a daily reward of 100 mekos (23 hour cooldown).
>give @user (amount) - gives mekos to another person.
>mekos or >bal - checks your balance.
>mekos @user or >bal @user - check another person's balance.

Other Commands:
>rep (@user) - Give someone reputation points. You can give 3 reputation points per day, and they reset at 12AM in GMT (UK Time).

Action Commands:
Actions are basic functions to communicate with other players.
>ask [context] - Ask someone something.
>cake [something/someone] - Miki gives you cake or you give cake to someone/something.
>cuddle [something/someone] - Miki cuddles with you or you cuddle with someone/something
>glare [something/someone] - Miki glares at you or you glare at someone/something
>highfive [something/someone] - Miki highfives you or you highfive someone/something
>hug [something/someone -] Miki hugs you or you hug someone/something
>kiss [something/someone] - Miki kisses you or you kiss someone/something
>pat [something/someone] or pet [something/someone] - Miki pats you or you pat someone/something
>poke [something/someone] - Miki pokes you or you poke someone/something
>punch [something/someone] - Miki punches you or you punch someone/something
>slap [something/someone] - Miki slaps you or you slap someone/something

Fun Commands:
>8ball [text] - Stimulates an 8ball and gives an answer
>bird - Gives a random image of a bird
>cage - Cage command returns a random picture of Nicholas Cage.
>cat - Gives a random image of a cat
>compliment - Miki will compliment you
>dog - Gives a random picture of a dog
>gif (tags) - Searches for a gif on Imgur
>greentext - Gives a random greentext image
>img (tags) - Searches for an image on Imgur
>pick (choice 1), (choice 2), (choice 3) - Miki picks one of the choices randomly
>pun - Gives a random pun
>reminder (action) in (time) - Reminds you to do something in a certain amount of time.
>reminder - list Displays all your reminders and their codes
>reminder - clear (reminder code) Removes a reminder based on code.
>roll - Returns a random number between 1 and 100)
>roll [number] - Returns a random number between 1 and that number
>roll [spicy stuff] - Do math
>roulette - Picks a random user from member list
>safe (tags) - Returns a 'safe for work' image based on your tags.
>ship (user/mention) - Ship yourself and show your compatibility rate with another user.

Gambling Commands:
>slots (amount) - gamble mekos to get more mekos. See Slot Win Values for win payouts.
>blackjack (amount) - Bet in a game of blackjack.
>flip (amount) [-bonus] - Bet in a brutal coin toss. -bonus is a "bonus"
>rps (amount) (rock:paper:scissors) - Bet in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Gaming Commands:
>taiko (username) - Gives Osu!taiko! stats based on username
>ctb (username) - Gives Osu!Catch the Beat! stats on a specific username
>osu (username) - Gives Osu!standard stats based on username
>owuser (user#discriminator) [-c:competitive] [-eu/-us/-kr] - Displays overwatch profile based on tag
>mania (username) - Gives Osu!Mania! stats based on username

General Commands:
>avatar [@user] - Displays your avatar or the mentioned user's avatar.
>calc (expression) - Calc command helps you calculate a certain mathematical expression
>guildinfo - Displays guild info.
>help - Help command gives you list of modules along with its respective commands.
>info - Info command shows info about the bot, mainly just the software used and a small credits.
>invite - Miki will PM you a bot invitation link.
>ping - Ping command shows your ping to the bot/server.
>urban (phrase) - Searches the phrase on Urban Dictionary(only in NSFW channels)
>whois [@user] - Displays user stats such as when he/she joined the server

Marriage Commands:
>showproposals - Shows who you proposed to and who you're getting proposed by.
>marry (username) - Propose to someone
>acceptmarriage (user) - Accept marry proposal if you find your dream partner :^)
>declinemarriage (user) - Be savage and decline marry proposal
>divorce - When you don't like the person you are married to, you can always divorce.

Reaction Commands:
>confused - Shows a picture of anime girl confused because she is lost
>cry - Shows a picture of an anime girl crying because she is sad.
>lewd - Shows a picture of anime girl seeing some lewd stuff.
>pout - Shows a picture of anime girl pouting because she is upset.
>smug - Shows a picture of anime girl being smug because she thinks she is too good.

Prefix: $
Example: $status

$status - Checks your character's adventure status.
$adventure - Sends your character on an adventure.
$cancel - Cancels your current mission.
$deaths - Your death stats.
$activeadventure - Active Adventures.
$adventures - Shows a list of all dungeons with your success rate.

$inventory - Shows your current inventory.
$profile [person] - View your or a different user's profile.
$delete - Deletes your character.
$create - Creates a new character.
$equip - Equips the item with the given ID.
$colour - Set your default text colour for the profile command.
$upgradeweapon - Upgrades an item's stat by 1.
$merge - Merges the first item with the second for an upgrade
$economy - Shows your current balance.
$give [other] - Gift money!
$xp - Shows your current XP count.
$rename - Changes your character name

$activebattle [enemy] - Active Battles.
$battle [enemy] - Battle yourself for the money you choose.

$steal - [Thief Only] Steal money!
$myclass - Views your current class and benefits.
$pet - [Ranger Only] View your pet!
$evolve - Evolve to the next level of your class.
$hunt - [Ranger Only] Let your pet get a weapon for you!
$tree - Evolving tree.
$class - Change your class.

$tournament - Start a new tournament with unlimited participants. (2, 4, 8, 16,... players)

$familyevent - Events happening to your family.
$propose - Propose for a marriage!
$divorce - Divorce from your partner.
$relationship - View your marriage status.
$child - Make a child!
$family - View your children.
$spoil - Shows a list with purchasable items for your Partner.
$spoil - Spoil your partner!

$store - The store. Buy boosters here.
$activate - Uses a booster.
$boosters - View your boosters.
$purchase [amount=1] - Buy an item from the store.

$buy - Buys an item with the given ID.
$sell - Sells the item with the given ID for the given price.
$remove - Takes an item off the shop.
$trader - Buy items at the trader.
$offer [user] - Offer an item to a specific user.
$shop [itemtype=All] [minstat=0.0] [highestprice=10000] - Show the market with all items and prices.
$merchant - Sells an item for its value.
$pending - Views your pending shop items.

$flip [side=heads] [amount=0] - Flip a coin to win some money!
$draw - Draw a card!
$bet [maximum=6] [tip=6] [money=0] - Roll the dice and win some money!

$guild - A command containing various other ones. Try the help on this command.

$vote - Sends a vote link for the bot.

$tradecrate - Trades a crate to a user.
$open - Open a crate!
$crates - None set.

$richest - Shows the richest players. Maximum 10.
$pvpstats - Shows the best PvP players. Maximum 10.
$lovers - Shows the top 10 lovers.

$queue - View the upcoming songs.
$now_playing - Shows the music controller with information about the current song.
$play - Plays a song from YouTube, SoundCloud, etc (use this command to make the bot join your vc.).
$volume - Change the music volume.
$pause - Pauses the currently playing song.
$resume - Resume the currently paused song.
$stop - Stops the song and the whole music session.
$skip - Skip the currently playing song.

$pixelfy [user] [size=2] - Pixelfy!
$edgy [user] - Edgyfy images.
$invert [member] - Inverts an avatar.

$prefix - See your prefix.
$avatar - Steal Avatars.

$tutorial - Tutorial link.
$faq - Link to the FAQ.
$documentation - Sends a link to the official documentation.
$help [command] - Get some help.
$helpme - Need help? Gotcha!

$fancy - Fancy Text
$patreon - Support us!
$cat - Cats!
$dice - Roleplay dice. Uses ndx format.
$ice - Ice Cream!
$love - A usual love test...
$changelog - Latest updates.
$choose [results...] - A usual guess...
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