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Warning System Guide
Warning System

The warning system is a way for SmG's Staff to penalize users who break the Rules.
This system allows users to realise their wrongdoings and allows them to fix their ways.
If a user continues to break the rules and receive warnings, then they may be removed from SmG or even banned.


• Abuse to Members or others (+3 points)
• Advertising or Recruiting for other Clans (+4 points)
• Excessive Spam (+1 points)
• Low Quality Post (+1 points)
• Misuse of warning system (+2 points)
• Posting on Application/Ban Appeal/Hacker Report Thread (+1 points)
• Posts or Links to Illegal Activity (+2 points)
• Private or Personal Information Abuse (+4 points)
• Reputation Violation (+1 points)

Points System

1 point is the equivalent of 10%

Once your account reaches a 100% warning level, it gets automatically banned.
Although most users are banned long before that time.
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