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Staff Application Guide
Would you like to join our staff team?

Staff members are the members that are willing to contribute to SmG by making it a friendly place for all to come and relax and enjoy being here.
You can apply for staff here

Please remember that these points are important and will definitely improve your chances of getting staff.

How to increase your chances of getting Staff:

1. Be friendly towards other members.
2. Be active as much as possible in the forums as well as Discord.
3. Acquiring Scout can help your chances. So what are you waiting for!
4. Keeping your History clean can make a difference ( Bans_Mutes_toxciiy).
5. Most importantly that you enjoy your time in SmG and are willing to support it.

Please include details such as:

1. Discord name.
2. Time zone.
3. Location.
4. Prior moderation experience.
5. Why do you want join Staff team.

How does it work?

Staff are selected by the Administrators with the input of other staff members. Normally the Administrators will draft a shortlist of candidates and the candidates will then be reviewed for the subsequent days. Then an invite is sent to the member asking if they would like to become staff.

Note: Staff applications are reviewed as and when needed. We will look to focus on detailed applications over those who have spent little time and effort on their application. We always start from the first page when reviewing applications, so feel free to edit and update your existing application over making a new one.
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