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Staff Application Guide

Interested in joining the SmG staff team? Check out this guide to find out how you can apply.

Staff Application Guide

Step 1 - Make a Name for Yourself

If you want to join the SmG Staff Team, the first thing you should be concerned about is making yourself known. If the Admins read the applications and can't recognize your name, then you're not off to a good start.
Activity is extremely important for this. Here are a few recommendations for where you can begin with this. Note that this is not a comprehensive list: you don't have to do all of these things, and there may be other things you can do to up your chances of being promoted. These are just some recommendations.

  • Be friendly towards other members
  • Be active as much as possible in the forums as well as on Discord
  • Acquire Scout (More information: Ranks, Referral System)
  • Participate in SmG events
  • Most importantly, enjoy your time in SmG and be willing to support it

Step 2 - Navigate to Member Sub-forum

If you're feeling confident about your activity and qualifications, then you're ready to make an application for the Staff Team.
From the home page, scroll down and click on the Member sub-forum (shown below) or click here to go straight to forum.

Step 3 - Navigate to Staff Application Thread

Scroll down and click on the Staff Application Form thread, as shown below.

Step 3 - Navigate to Staff Application Thread

Here you can see a thread of all staff applications. Take some time to read the original post made by SmG Cloud, then click New Reply is the upper right corner, as shown below.

Step 4 - Fill Out Your Application

You will then be taken to the Staff Application Form. You will be asked several questions, all of which are required.
The entire application form is not shown below, but all questions are self-explanatory.
This will take some time. Be sure to leave meaningful responses. We take great care in choosing new staff members. Consider this a job interview like any other.

Step 3 - Posting Your Application

After you have filled out all of the questions in the Staff Application Form, click the Submit Application button at the bottom.

Step 4 - Wait

And now you're done! All that's left is to wait. There is no set timeframe for when promotions occur, but next time the staff team is looking for a new staff member, your application will be considered along with the rest.
Feel free to come back and edit your application from time to time, we always review them all when considering promotions. You do not need to make a new one.
Good luck!

If you require further assistance then please contact a staff member here.
There is a lot of information related to SmG that is not on this page. Our Help Documents can assist you with any questions you may have.

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