Current time: 27 Feb 2020, 03:58 AM

Paid Promotions
First let me say WE WILL NOT PING ANYONE FOR PAID PROMOTIONS. Moving on, SmG is now accepting paid promotions in this channel to raise money to pay for a new Server for SmG. The Server will host games that the team is interested in such as (but not limited to) Minecraft, Halo PC, Halo 2, CSGO, Call of Duty, and more. The server that we plan to buy will have enough power to run any games that the community suggests. We will NOT be using any of the raised money for personal gain. In terms of prices, since we have 37,000+ members in our discord server the starting price will be $50.00 USD/Bi-Weekly or $100.00 USD/Monthly and will increase depending on the amount of promotions. We will be accepting Crypto Currency or if verified, PayPal. My recommendation would be get the promotions now before the price increases. Please remember this is a new venture for SmG and it may change or be removed.

If you are interested in having your promotion posted here please contact me «SmG» Cloud#2911 with the following information.

1. Link, website, or server that you wish to have promoted so we can review it.
2. An image if you are interested in having me post an image with your promotion link.
3. Make sure that your link, website, or server is safe for work content only. We will not allow not safe for work content.

SmG Staff reserve the right to deny or terminate any paid promotion request or existing paid promotion at anytime for any reason without notification or discussion.

You can request an edit of your advertisement once every 2 weeks, and twice every month.
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