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Member Ranks
Member Ranks
Ranks that make up the majority of SmG are member ranks, they are every rank including Scout and below. Members get access to exclusive member sections and features of forums and discord. Different member ranks will signify different contributions to the community whether it be loyalty and dedication, hard work and effort or support.

Member of the Month

Member of the Month is a title given to a member that the staff has decided has been both helpful and active within the community. The winner will receive a congratulations thread and the MOTM award (only for the month). They will also receive a MOTM rank on both the forums and discord. This helps the community to recognize members who work hard.


This rank is for a member that wishes to stand out from the general member community base. The role of a Scout is to actively look for people that may have an interest in joining the community. Good places to scout are multiplayer games or anywhere there is a means of communication. Make friends and bring them all back to the community! To meet the requirements for this rank, you’ll need 300 posts on the forums, 25 referrals, and at least 2 months of being registered in the community. This is a good stepping stone to becoming a support. If you become a Scout, you will also receive its designated award.

Senior Member

Due to the history of SmG, it is to no surprise that there are many members that have shown outstanding dedication through both thick and thin. Their longevity in SmG in general results in much wiser decision making for changes in the community. Also, many of these members were most likely to have been ranked during their stay throughout the years. To obtain this rank, you are required to be an SmG member for 3 years and have a minimum of 300 posts on our forums.

SmG Donator

This rank is for a member that has donated at least $10 USD to SmG. These donations help expand our community forums and servers! Different amounts of donations gain different awards on the forums. Details on how to donate can by found by clicking here.


Members form the majority of the SmG community. They have access to all member perks, such as member only forums, more Discord channels, Music Bot use and the eligibility to enter member only events that are hosted. This rank is a foundation for many other ranks to be built upon. Therefore as a basic rule, it is advised to be a full member in order to be considered for higher ranks. To achieve this rank, you will need to reach 25 posts/threads on the forums.

New Member

New Member is the first role you receive after joining SmG. Full Member is typically the next step in your journey, which requires 25 posts/threads on the forums.

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