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How to detect games on xfire
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How to detect games on xfire

Ok I am sick and tired of explaining people, on how to enable the Xfire-In Game... so just refer to this post for all games...
Xfire does not automatically detect your games especially when they are pirated.

1. So you start up your xfire...
2. On the top of the box you will find a "Tools" button, click that.
3. In the pull-down menu click "Options". (it will open a separate window)
4. On that window press "Games"(it is on the top of the window) tab.
5. It will say "Detecting Installed Games". (wait)
6. Then on the LHS there will "Not Installed" button, click that.
7. Find the game you want.(Halo Custom Edition in this case)
8. Then on the RHS under the "Select game" heading there should be a Menu, which is set to "Automatically Detect", change that to Manually Detect.(in the pull down menu)
9. Then press "Browse".
10. Find the .exe file(application to play the game NOT THE SHORTCUT) for the game. And then Double Click it.
11. Press Apply and then OK.

So for example for halo custom edition
So basically its Tools>Options>Games Tab>Not Installed>Halo Custom Edition>Manually Detect>Browse>haloce.exe>Apply>Ok
And your done...

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So please enable your xfire in game people, its easier to join the server, you are playing on... as you can join through xfire...

By the way---- If your xfire in game used to work, but suddenly stopped working for a game (like Sman's case)
Your Game will be in the installed list folllow the same steps after it i.e.
Tools>Options>Games Tab>Installed>Manually Detect>Browse>haloce.exe>Apply>Ok

For those noobs who dont understand--
LHS--Left Hand Side
RHS--Right Hand Side

So can anyone lock the topic and move it to announcements...
11 Jun 2011, 11:08 PM

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