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Thread Contributor: FlasH™Help with C#
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Help with C#

So I'm working on a ChatApp which uses Tcp Clients and Tcp Listeners. 

So basically, I use NetworkStream to transfer data between the server and the client. The data is transferred in Bytes (byte []) and converted to String and displayed.
I use Encoding.ASCII.GetString() to convert it from bytes to String.

The problem is that when I convert bytes to string, the string contains null spaces, so I can't append text/ get substring of it.

Would be helpful if anyone can suggest a way to remove the null spaces or having the byte array size set to size of the string (in bytes) when receving from a stream.

Thanx in advance.

TLDR: Suggest a way to remove null spaces from string which use an encoder to convert byte array into string since data is transferred through networkstreams
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RE: Help with C#

I think null characters get translated to \0 in c#. So you should be able to use the replace function. Like string mystring = input.Replace("\0", string.Empty);
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08 May 2017, 01:00 AM
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