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Thread Contributor: TrinityUpdate to Photobucket
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Information  Update to Photobucket

To anyone who uses Photobucket to display your photos on third party websites.

Photobucket have decided to block any free accounts from displaying any photos on third party websites including this forum unless you pay a subscription fee.
In other words it is no longer a free photo sharing website.
As such if you have any photos currently on this forum then you will need to switch those to another free photo sharing website or pay their subscription.
You will still be able to access your photos, just don't use their links to display those photos elsewhere.
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17 Jul 2017, 01:36 AM
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RE: Update to Photobucket

Lol, just use imgur, has none of this bs and is a nice platform anf community too
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17 Jul 2017, 04:32 AM
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RE: Update to Photobucket

I like using mediafire. It allows me to save all my stuff online and not just pictures but other files too. All my stuff is saved in one place.
17 Jul 2017, 05:44 AM
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RE: Update to Photobucket

I like to use MEGA for files and Imgur for image hosting.
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17 Jul 2017, 06:45 AM
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