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was an old member
Offline sal

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was an old member

Hello I'm sal, I am an old member I suppose I was kicked for inactivity. I had left the discord server due to personal reasons ive come back because i miss my old friends on here
15 Jun 2018, 12:17 AM
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Offline SmG CCPrincess

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RE: was an old member

Hiya, thanks for your interest in reapplying, just make sure you edit and have your reapplication in this format, and I can take your application to the next step.

1. State your Discord username with the number (leave blank if you do not have one):
2. State your in game name(s):
3. What games do you play and on which platforms?:
4. Have you read and understood our Community Rules?:
5. Why do you want to join the SmG Community and are you a returning member?:
6. Also please tell us about yourself in 25 words or more. Example: I like to .... To pass the time I usually .... and outside of gaming I spend all my time .... etc.

Awaiting your response.

- CCPrincess 

[Image: ucSfobS.png]
15 Jun 2018, 12:33 AM
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