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Application For Member
Offline SmG raccoonjones47

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Application For Member

1. Raccoonjones47#6087
2. Be friendly and always show respect to everyone, no matter their role, Harassment, pornographic, abusive, hate speech, excessive swearing or any other kind of discriminatory act will not be tolerated, No links or posts may contain advertisements of any kind, pornography, racism, or disturbing links, Yes I agree to all the rules stated.
3. I want to join the SmG Community because the people seem nice, and I really want a good community to play video games with.
4. Hello, my name is Zakby, I am from Duxbury MA. I love to build computers and play instruments, currently, I own 2 guitars which I play every day, i am getting a piano so I am looking forward to learning. I also enjoy playing league of legends and csgo, I've dabbled in a lot more games but those two of the main ones who have really stuck with me through the years. Now, let's just hope I get Accepted!

16 Sep 2018, 02:00 PM
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RE: Application For Member

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16 Sep 2018, 03:35 PM

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