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part unheard about vinny
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part unheard about vinny

why am I so different and admired am I a oofing martian? what kind of twisted  experiment was I involved in? cause I don't belong in this world ( so I thought ) that's why I'm redefining myself everywhere I go I'm shy and awkward, people pretending they can try to solve my problems.I had a bad day at school today( 6 years ago ), some idiot shoved me into a locker cause he said I eyeballed him and that principal just looked and just laughed so I ain't talking. I lock the door everyday at home and spend the whole night crying wondering to myself what the oofs wrong with me and as again I still wonder why I never asked for help and I fell again so I carried my own weight and kept carrying courtney I always trying to keep courtney happy and special everyday becsuse she deserves it but I trying not to give her to much of the pain I felt because its to much so I can tell her parts about it but I trust her a lot so I will tell her everything but if some of y'all want to know how I feel everyday here is the reason that's all ,only my deep feelings go to courtney cause she's the only person I trust
08 Dec 2018, 01:49 AM
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