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Bensiano Application
Offline SmG Bensiano

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Information  Bensiano Application

SmG Application

1. Discord: State your Discord username including the number:

2. Rules: Have you read and understood our Community Rules?:

3. Why do you want to join?: Please tell us why you want to join SmG?
Have fun, meet new people and play games together with.

4. Introduce yourself: Please introduce yourself to our community by writing a short paragraph about yourself:
Hi I'm ryan I'm 22 from Bradford, UK and I am a Medic in the army.

I play on the PC, Xbox and i have recently quit playing WoW and now I'm looking for a new game to play. 
My main games are Overwatch, Pubg and hearthstone.
I've watched little anime like Yugioh, pokemon And Vanguard.
04 Jan 2019, 12:58 PM
Online SmG Sanchay

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RE: Bensiano Application

[Image: 8xolsi.jpg]
04 Jan 2019, 01:00 PM

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