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Application CJ_Azp Application
Offline SmG CJ_Azp

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Information  CJ_Azp Application

SmG Application

1. Discord: State your Discord username including the number:
☭ | CJ Azp | ☭#2836

2. Rules: Have you read and understood our Community Rules?:

3. Why do you want to join?: Please tell us why you want to join SmG?
I want to be a member bc i like the Group and im online alot so the time when im online i us to be in smg C: there are so friendly ppl so id like to be a member!

4. Introduce yourself: Please introduce yourself to our community by writing a short paragraph about yourself:
Hi, im CJ Azp and im a 15 year old kiddo that plays alot of games on my pc. I play Rainbow six siege, Fortnite and more. my fav color is red and i like motorsport like drifting C: and im alot on discord and my fav Group is smg. And i wish to be a member on it to!
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08 Jan 2019, 06:22 AM
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RE: CJ_Azp Application

[Image: 8xolsi.jpg]
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08 Jan 2019, 06:32 AM

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