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Application Luggunk Application
Offline Luggunk

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Information  Luggunk Application

SmG Application

1. Discord: State your Discord username including the number:

2. Rules: Have you read and understood our Community Rules?:

3. Why do you want to join?: Please tell us why you want to join SmG?
Because SMG darkfire said so 

4. Introduce yourself: Please introduce yourself to our community by writing a short paragraph about yourself:
Hi I'm Luggunk, friends call me lug. I play veideo games to have fun with friends. Glad that I can be appart of this nice gaming community.
12 Jan 2019, 07:36 PM
Offline SmG Queen Masty

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RE: Luggunk Application

Please give us a better reason in number 3
[Image: MastySig3alt.jpg?width=1025&height=360]
12 Jan 2019, 07:39 PM
Offline SmG Sanchay

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RE: Luggunk Application

[Image: 8xolsi.jpg]
15 Jan 2019, 01:56 PM

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