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What happened?
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What happened?

What happened to the gaming society? All of us old school gamers, and yes, i mean you too Atari and DS, see whats becoming of the gaming society. Almost everything we hear about today is almost all about battle royale games and pedophiles on fortnite and EA fucking up. What happened to the golden ages of gaming? Call of duty modern warfare 2, battlefield 4, etc has just become extinct. And yes, i know games evolve and new games come out better and more superior but alot of these new games are just straight garbage AND LITTERED WITH CHILDREN. Remember rainbow? Its even more littered with raging kids. Remember battlefield, call of duty, and all of those sims games? Destroyed by EA's micro-transactions. Remember when fortnite was actually good? Fucking pedophiles all over it nowadays. Not all games today are trash like apex legends or just cause 4 (exceptions for apex for being a good battle royale game cause it feels like the old days of titan fall to me). What happened? Why cant we go back to the good ol' days of gaming? Do you disagree or agree with my arguing? And if im wrong, do correct me
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13 Feb 2019, 12:02 PM
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RE: What happened?

if you want i can have half of those game on and join you but since the server are down i can make a server where we can play
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13 Feb 2019, 02:24 PM
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