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What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?
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What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?

Red Corp 
- The color of Rage. If you struggle to maintain your aggression and frustrations, this would be your Corp due to its difficulty to control the power it gives you. Red Lanterns often lose control of the power leaving them powerless and with no control of their actions.

Orange Corp 
- The color of Greed. If you frequently find yourself wishing you had more and would go to any length to achieve that goal? The Orange Lantern Corps is waiting. Whether you are consumed by wealth, desire, jealousy, or greed, this ring can have a powerful effect on an Orange Lantern. Whereas most emotions have their limit, greed is often unlimited. 

Yellow Corp
 - The color of Fear. If you are driven by fear, inflicting it upon others, and letting the stuff determine your choices in life. Because in many ways, fear consumes Yellow Lanterns. If you think that your life is driven by fear, get ready to sign up

Green Corp
 - The color of Willpower.  If you have a strong heart, are motivated, and hold true to your core values though, the Green Lantern Corps is for you. Only the bravest and most determined of us can ever wish to join this corps. Because green lantern rings are reliant on willpower, the power gets easier to control once you learn to master your focus.

Blue Corp - The color of Hope.  If you hold hope through the good times and the bad, the Blue Lantern Corps should be a fitting place for you. Those who wield the power of the Blue Lantern have an inner focus that sometimes even they do not fully understand. Their power comes from a place deep within.

Indigo Corp
 - The color of Compassion.  If you are a kind-hearted individual who wants nothing more than for others to be happy, the Indigo Tribe is your home. Those who wear the Indigo Power Rings, whether they be pure of heart or criminals, immediately feel remorse and empathy for their actions. 

Violet Corp - The color of Love.  If you are a lover who knows full well what love is, the Star Sapphires would make a good choice. Love is much like anger in that its wielder cannot fully control their actions unless extreme discipline and focus are used. The Violet Power Ring is worn by those who fully know the true value love

I am ruling out the White Corp due to that it is only achievable by wielding every single ring aside from Black.
I am ruling out the Black Corp due to needing to be Dead to wield it.
20 Apr 2019, 08:23 PM
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RE: What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?

Most probably I'll be Blue corp or Green corp.
21 Apr 2019, 06:21 AM
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RE: What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?

I would definently choose Green Corp and Indigo Corp
[Image: Q4TC8x0.gif]
21 Apr 2019, 08:01 AM
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RE: What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?

I would be compassion
21 Apr 2019, 11:20 AM
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RE: What Lantern Corp would you be in if you were chosen?

I would have chosen hope
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29 Apr 2019, 08:27 PM
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