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[Ban Appeal] lords Ban Appeal
Offline lords

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Exclamation  lords Ban Appeal

Ban Appeal

1. Rules: Have you read and agreed to our Community Rules?:

2. Game/Server Please state which Game and/or Server you have been banned on:
SmG Gaming Community

3. Names: Please state the exact name you were using when banned. For Discord, make sure to state both Username and #Number.

4. Other Names: State any other names you may have used separately.
nothing else

5. Time: Please state the approximate date and time you were banned. Including your timezone.
about yesterday 3.00pm

6. Why were you banned?: Please state the reason you were banned or why you think you were banned.
by spamming wich i didnt spam

7. Why should you be unbanned?: Please state why you think you should be un-banned providing as much evidence as possible.
because yesterday i was offline
i know the rules i love the community and i would int do something like that
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17 May 2019, 03:16 PM
Away Sammy_

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RE: lords Ban Appeal

You will be unbanned. However you will receive a warning for in the future.
19 May 2019, 03:26 PM

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