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Rhydon - Signature Request
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Rhydon - Signature Request

Signature Request

1. Discord Name: and Number: 
Knight Rye#0951

2. Text Display: What text would you like to be displayed on your signature?: 

SmG Donator

3. Style: What themes, colours or characters do you want on your signature?: 
Matte Black
A Knight as the character, preferably in black (but not evil-looking) armor.
You are making the visual representation of "Knight Rye"

4. Additional Information: Is there any additional information you'd like to add?: 
I want a banner, not a square. Make the pfp square. :P <3
Matte Black - I mean like the color of the Batmobile or Batman's armor. 

I will pay up to $25 for this signature.
$30 if you also provide a pfp of the character in the signature.

Alright, thanks!
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