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Whats a cheeky nandos?
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Whats a cheeky nandos?

So, i asked my friend what a cheeky nandos was because i didnt know, and here is the exact words that he texted me:

mate it’s hard to explain mate it’s just like one day you’ll just be wif your mates having a look in jd and you might fancy curry club at the ‘Spoons but your lad Calum who’s an absolute ledge and the archbishop of banterbury will be like ‘brevs lets have a cheeky nandos instead.” and you’ll think “Top. Let’s smash it."

Can someone please translate this in simpler terms for me?

Also, (just to make sure that this belongs in general discussion) what is the weirdest text message you have ever received?
29 Nov 2019, 04:53 PM
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