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Who has played with RS for a LONG time
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Who has played with RS for a LONG time

This opens the doorway for RuneScape gold players that have left to return, having the ability to enjoy the content all, without needing to commit to membership. It is a lot easier to convince a returner to remain after they see how great Araxor is, than it's by them visiting Al Kharid no longer fees 10gp to input. Realistically, the boosted XP speed becomes the XP speed that is standard and everyone will select for RunePass. But you've created the runescape game better for new runescape players and simpler for runescape players to return. They'll pay 10, as I mentioned above, finally.

The majority of these updates seem as though they reduce or restrict revenue, and perhaps in the brief term they may, but I feel that the vast majority of them will have a net zero effect over the long run and I feel the business model idea will lead to far higher earnings with greater runescape player base. To top it off, I wish to bring an observation I've made a few times on Reddit that I presume is massively overlooked and can radically alter the membership / RunePass revenue for Jagex if adjusted.

As somebody who has played with RS for a LONG time, I am aware the runescape game was established as a PvP game where you could kill people everywhere. I remember when you could duel everywhere and if someone came you'd struggle for the right. I remember when sharks and super collections were BIS and realistcally had no use from the runescape game besides being a food for PKing (and possibly KBD?). I say the things to say, RS was built around PvP and thrived because of PvP in days.

RS3 has dropped that element of the runescape game, and something was lost by it like an accidental byproduct: the need to have several accounts. The META in RS3 is to max cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. There's nothing else. Make a primary -- maximum it. Start max it. A single OS runescape participant may have: a main, an ironman, a 1 def pure, a zerker pure, a range tank, a 60 assault piety pure, an obby mauler, a gmaul rusher, a mage rusher. That's 9 accounts for one person. And to get some youtubers, they've every one of members and these accounts on all them! RS3 has such a heavy reliance on MTX because it's the one thing they can upsell to the runescape players that they have. By releasing a new PKing META, OSRS upsell a different membership.
05 Dec 2019, 10:35 PM
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RE: Who has played with RS for a LONG time

And you make this your first post? damn ok
I don't have a signature yet.

05 Dec 2019, 10:40 PM
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RE: Who has played with RS for a LONG time

Hmm not me
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07 Dec 2019, 06:03 AM
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