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The SmG hierarchy
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RE: The SmG hierarchy

(11 Jan 2021, 12:51 AM)Cloud Wrote:
(10 Jan 2021, 11:35 PM)Rundas Wrote:
(10 Jan 2021, 09:04 PM)Cloud Wrote: Donator, Booster, Scout, and Senior member are all equal ranks. Since there isn't a way to make them equal we found this order makes the most sense currently.

This could always change as it has in the past.

If they're all equal you could remove all the role categories you listed off the sidebar and have them just change username colors as I suggested. This way no one is mad about xyz group being on top since it would just be member over new member. easy fix and falls in line with your claim.

We have much more pressing things to accomplish in the near future for SmG. Changing the rank system requires alot of work.

Forum ranks, Discord roles, Userbars, colors, and permissions. Also a suggestion like this doesn't technically make SmG better it is mainly a opinionated change.

But as I said the ranking system will surely change over time like it has before but the admin team has to look at it from every angle and make sure it is the best decision along with all the admin work required with the change.

It also doesn't help that many roles like event manager and server manger left some bad memories when it comes to changing the ranks/roles. So I hope this gave everyone some insight on why we aren't currently looking at changing the ranking system at this very moment.
It did. I'm glad one of the staff members decided to comment. PepeOk
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Thanks @SmG daz
11 Jan 2021, 12:19 PM
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