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QOTD #24
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QOTD #24

Lets start a debate. Is nitro worth it yes or no
in my opinion yes because I love using all the emotes and gifs etc and having a gif as my pfp
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19 Feb 2021, 04:10 PM
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RE: QOTD #24

Nitro is worth it , 
U can actually use emoji's from smg for example into different servers
and when u get nitro u can put ur pfp as a GIF which is actually pretty cool ngl 
But sadly , I'm 2 broke to get nitro  Stingerhalp
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20 Feb 2021, 08:13 AM
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RE: QOTD #24

It depends on how much time you're spending on discord.
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20 Feb 2021, 04:45 PM
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RE: QOTD #24

If you like using emotes it's worth it but if you use them rarely it's just a waste of money  Lul
20 Feb 2021, 05:52 PM
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