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Valheim Server Paid Suggestion
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Valheim Server Paid Suggestion

So I was thinking, for all those who have played valheim, would you be interested if the SmG admins approve a SmG Valheim paid server (so you can access it through steam). It will be a 24/7 server and will never shutdown until it is shut down by owner. 

This would be an amazing because for those who do play valhiem can play whenever on the server from any part of the world without the owner being online. It also gives a great experience for when new people by it and for when the game goes from Early access to full game.

 To sus the game out, here is the Steam link:

I have attached some images for people who are interested in the game for those who are new: 
[Image: EsuggWf.jpg][Image: t4wiKG9.jpg][Image: xGiZ2iE.jpg][Image: y0HC2FU.jpg][Image: jH281zc.jpg][Image: FjZ4JSO.jpg][Image: c7sGExl.jpg][Image: 8vgWu8p.jpg][Image: FSSdHFB.jpg][Image: AVjKT9m.jpg]
19 Mar 2021, 05:58 PM
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