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[Application] BlindDog0 Application
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Information  BlindDog0 Application

SmG Application

1. Discord: State your Discord username including the number:

2. Rules: Have you read and understood our Community Rules?:

3. Why do you want to join?: Please tell us why you want to join SmG?
Looking for a serious community. Serious in the sense that, are active and welcoming, somewhere I feel bad if I go MIA for a couple days simply because I forgot to check discord for a couple days. Truth to be told I don't have a lot of people to play games with and have been searching for a community for a while now. 

4. Introduce yourself: Please introduce yourself to our community by writing a short paragraph about yourself:
My name is Chris, I go by BlindDog0, Dogo, or LordVapenstein. I enjoy spending time with my kids and wife. I've got 2 bots 9 and 1, and a girl on the way. I like to play FPS's even though i suck at them. Beyond that I am down to try anything at least once. I play just about every genre of game except JRPG, just haven't gotten into those quiet yet. The game I probably have the most hours total on is League of Legends, sadly.
16 Jun 2022, 10:45 PM
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RE: BlindDog0 Application

Accepted. Welcome aboard!!
[Image: GIF-210116_204443.gif]
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17 Jun 2022, 02:08 PM

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