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Evzone - Signature Request
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Evzone - Signature Request

Signature Request

1. Discord Name: and Number: 

2. Text Display: What text would you like to be displayed on your signature?: 
SMG Gaming and SMG Evzone

3. Style: What themes, colors, or characters do you want on your signature?: 
Could it be a witchy theme, with the same colors as my pfp, and possibly a little animated?  I've had my last one for 3 years and thought I'd change it.  Something reminiscent of my old sig if that's possible

4. Additional Information: Is there any additional information you'd like to add?: 
It says "Witchy apparitions" underneath my name.
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27 Feb 2023, 02:54 AM
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RE: Evzone - Signature Request

Mm I'll see what I can do

[Image: GIF-230227_203917.gif]

Max Size, hope you like it  SnakeAwoken
[Image: Untitled_design.gif]
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27 Feb 2023, 04:23 AM
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