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Do you love our servers and feel like giving back?
Consider donating!

Donating to The SmG Gaming Community allows us to expand both the forums and servers that we're able to provide to our community. Donations are solely used for the forum and servers and not for personal gain. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin.

Donation Information:
-If you donate $10 or more you get donator status on the forum and discord.
-On discord you are able to move into the private members voice channel.
-Each award you donate for will be displayed on your profile as a status symbol of your contribution.
-You will have a post made by SmG Cloud himself on the forum personally thanking you.
-If you donate for high-end awards you are likely to get a bonus award.
-You can donate to gain multiple donation awards for Sapphire Donator and up.
-If you are in the donator group you are able to set a custom user title on the forum.

Please note that all donations are in US currency and will be converted to local currency.


Grand Donator $150.00

Master Donator $100.00

Advanced Donator $50.00

Sapphire Donator $25.00

Crystal Donator $15.00

Emerald Donator $10.00

Donator $5.00

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