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For general question and inquiries, please refer to SmG's FAQ page here before contacting a staff member. If you still need help, before contacting an Administrator (Admin) it is advised to contact another rank as Admins can be quite busy.

«SmG» R3c0N

PM R3c0N#5674

«SmG» Wires
(Protector of secrets.)

PM Wires #2306

«SmG» Rooma
(The Vacuum)

PM Rooma#9984

SmG Kalitz

PM Kalitz#0001

SmG Altair
(The Ravenclaw)

PM Altair#2783

SmG Abi
(send cat pics pls)

PM abigail#0001

SmG Cells

PM PKCell#5348

SmG Pandora
(SmG's Wandering Lurker)

PM Pan#7318

SmG Fayeº
(Zaddy SmG)

PM Lupa#4359

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