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Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQ

What is SmG?
SmG stands for So many Guns and is a gaming community where people can find friends, hang out, chill and play together in groups.

How long has SmG been around?
SmG originally started in March of 2010 by Cloud and Hoax (now resigned). At the time of its foundation, SmG was a clan dedicated towards finding both skilled and friendly players in Halo 2 Vista (H2V). SmG H2V servers were made and quickly became one of the most populated in the game. As SmG grew, the website was created and eventually we branched out towards other games. However, as popularity in H2V and other halo games declined, other alternatives were sought, but to no avail. Eventually as a collective group, SmG opted out of the clan mentality and converted towards a community which is what you see today.

How do I become a Member?
You can become a member through our Application Process.

What are the benefits of being a Member of SmG?
Benefits of being a member include access to exclusive private and member channels on discord as well as access to the member's forums, use of the music bots, eligibility to participate in member's only events (includes tournaments) and a snazzy colour for your respective rank.

What are SmG Members Only Events?
These events are held once in awhile to get members together to have a fun time. You can have fun with old friends or make new friends even! There will be all sorts of events, from friendly matches to tournaments, depending on the game and popularity! While there might be some events that are only for SmG members, there are also events open to everyone. These are handled by members of our Staff Team!

What are the ranks/roles in SmG and what do I need to do to obtain?
SmG is made up of Staff, Members and Non-Members. Amongst the Members, there are several ranks that you can achieve by meeting certain requirements. You can find more information about the different ranks and their requirements here. However, some ranks are handpicked. Just keep working hard and trying your best, and someone will note your efforts!

What is Member of the Month (MOTM)?
Every month, SmG members vote for the member they believe has best upheld the principles of SmG and has contributed the most to the community. The winner of this vote is awarded the Member of the Month rank for the month. They will also receive a MOTM rank on both the forums and discord, the MOTM award while holding MOTM, and permanent blazing all month. This helps the community to recognize members who work hard.

What games does SmG play?
As a general gaming community, everyone plays a multitude of different games. However, the majority play Halo, Among Us, Fortnite, Valorant, Overwatch, Apex Legends, Minecraft, League of Legends and Call of Duty. Remember, despite not being mentioned, your favourite game may still be played by select users and members alike.

Make sure to ask around to find out!

When do promotions occur?
Promotions occur based on 2 requirements. Firstly, when there is a vacancy available in a particular role and secondly, if an individual has proven themselves to have both the dedication, trust and attitude that is required for this new role. When that time frame occurs is based on a multitude of factors, ranging from resigning staff to a lack of staff members in a particular position.

What should I do if I have an issue or want to file a report?
If you have any issues regarding the SmG community or would like to file a report, please contact a Member of Staff so they can deal with the situation accordingly. It is recommended that you have some evidence of what you are reporting i.e screenshots to make it easier.

Is SmG on social media?
Yes we are! Feel free to check out our Twitter or Instagram for regular updates, gaming clips, or just some dank memes!

What are VIP members?
VIP is a special group for Members who have gone above and beyond (Scouts, Senior Members, Donators and Nitro Boosters). They receive special privileges that the rest of SmG does not, such as a text channel on Discord, sub section on Forum, secret giveaways and prior knowledge to the updates of SmG. They are also more likely to be promoted than regular Members.

Forum FAQ

What is a post?
A post can be a reply to a thread. A thread also accounts for both a thread and a post. For more information about posting, go here.

How do I post?
You can make posts on forums at the end of a thread. Make sure the post is relevant to the topic or it can be removed.

How do I edit a post?
In order to edit your post, you must go to the post itself. Once there, on the bottom right of the post there is a "Edit" button. You must either choose "Quick Edit" or "Full Edit". Either option will allow you to edit your post, just make sure you click "Submit".

What is a thread?
A thread is a topic created by a user for discussion on the forums. For more information about creating a new thread, click here.

What is a Like and how do I give one?
A like is something you can give to an individual post to show that you like, agree, or otherwise support whatever was said or shared in that post. To like a post, simply click the button that says Like in the bottom right corner of the post in question.

Do replies count as posts?
Yes, so do threads.

How do I make a thread?
You can make a thread by clicking the "Post Thread" button in the relevant section of forums. Make sure the thread is relevant to the section or it can be removed or moved to Off-topic.

In what sections are post count disabled?
Post counts are disabled in the Off-topic section, any posts in this sections will not attribute to your total number of posts.

How do I change my password?
In the User Control Panel, underneath "Edit Profile", click "Change Password" and input your changes.

How do I change my email?
In the User Control Panel, underneath "Edit Profile", click "Change Email" and input your changes.

What is my username?
Your username is the tag you signed up to the website as.

How can I change my username?
To change your username, you must refer go to the User Control Panel and click on edit usermane, which is on the left side, under edit profile. Be aware you can only change your name twice every 60 days.

How do I donate?
You can donate by clicking the "Donate" button at the top of the page or by following the guide here.

What are the Donations for?
They go towards our servers, site and other SmG related activities.

What is Reputation and how do I award it?
The Reputation System involves points awarded by members to recognize efforts of members. This can be done by a rating option found on the user's profile.

What are Awards and how are they earned?
Awards are a way for Admins to give members recognition for certain achievements. For more information on Awards, click here.

How do I make a Ban Appeal?
You can make an appeal form in the Ban Appeal section of the forums. For more information on creating a Ban Appeal, click here.

What are referrals?
Referrals are used to give credit to another user or member that has directed you towards the forums. Apart from their use in the acquisition of the Scout rank, they are important for showing both your dedication and care towards SmG, which can be beneficial for future promotional nominations. If you would like to know more about the referral system, click here.

How do I gain referrals?
Be nice and friendly and help them out with their questions, directing them to the site and submitting an app. The more effort you put in the more likely people will recognise your efforts and refer you. There is also an individual referral link found in the User Control Panel.

What is the Buddy System on the Forums?
The Buddy System is a way to recognise who your friends are in SmG.

What are Alerts?
Alerts are a form of on site notifications which let you know when an activity concerning you occurs. Such activity includes: Reputation, PM's, being quoted in a post, new replies in your threads, being added to a user's buddy list.

Signature Requests
Signature Requests is a sub section on our forums where users can go and request a signature. These signatures will be made by fellow SmG members, so please show consideration. If you would like to join the team and help make signatures, then go here.

What are Blazing Usernames?
Blazing is when you have posted 25 times on the forums in the past week and have acquired a sparkly name. In order to keep this sparkly name, you must keep your posts above 25 for the last 7 days. MOTM users have permanent Blazing for as long as they have the role.

Discord FAQ

How do I join the SmG Gaming Discord Server?
Click this link: Discord

I have a problem with Discord or I’m new to Discord. Where can I get help?
The Discord website provides its own help section. Please consult this for assistance.
If there is an internal issue such as bots not working or inaccessibility to certain channels, then please report this to a Member of Staff (Support and above) either by PM/DM.

How do I get permanent Discord Invites?
Permanent discord invites can be made by setting the link to never expire.

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