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Non-Member Ranks
Non-Member Ranks

Ranks that are not directly part of the community are non-member ranks. These include all the registered users that simply just browse our forums or those that have supported us without being a part of our community.


Please do not confuse this rank with the Donator rank given to members. This rank is solely dedicated towards those who've donated, but are NOT a member. These donations help expand our community forums and servers! Different amounts of donations gain different awards on the forums. Details on donations can be found in the donations section of the forums by clicking here.


To achieve this role, you must become level 20 in Mee6 on the SmG Discord Server. Mee6 is a bot which levels you up the more you type on the SmG Discord Server per minute, upon receiving enough EXP you will level up. The main objective of this role is to highlight active people who are not members of the SmG community. This is a role for Discord only, it has no equivalent rank on the forums. This has replaced the Buddies role.

NOTE: SmG members will also receive this role but their rank will be displayed instead.


Resigned users are former members who have since left the SmG Community.

Registered user

This rank is for people who have just joined both the forums and/or Discord. As a result the permissions granted will be the most basic on both the forums and Discord. In order to gain more permissions as well as rank/role, it is advised to apply for membership. Otherwise feel free to just browse the forums or stop by to say hi in Discord without being a member of the community.


This rank is for users who have broken the SmG rules and have been punished accordingly.

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