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Member Application
Offline SmG When Angels Fall

New Member
New Member
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Discord: Heavens Reject#3661
Member Application

My Discord name is Heavens Reject#3661

I have read the and agreed to the community rules
A few of the rules are:

To be friendly at all times ,no matter who you are talking to.
No harassment, pornographic contentcontent , abusive speech
No links or advertising 
English only

I'd like to join the community, help it grow. If possible, help with partnering in a much later phase. But mostly just to be a part of it, enjoy the community and also make others feel appreciated.

My names William H. Angel (ask my father for his last name SinaFail )
I'm currently 17 years old, studying to become a security guard at the moment, dreaming of having the chance to later become a peace officer.
I mostly just study non-stop, but I also do gaming every now and then.
I have been a Administrator before, so acting and behaving shouldn't be an issue for me.
16 Sep 2018, 07:53 AM
Offline SmG ConnecXun

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RE: Member Application

[Image: rem.gif]
"Let us start here. From square one. No, from zero!" - Rem
16 Sep 2018, 07:54 AM

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