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Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg
Offline Drazzle

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Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Everybody welcome @SmG moonlight_jpg


Be sure to reach 25 posts to get full member, and stay active on the forum to keep membership!
[Image: Screenshot_2018_09_26_13_01_00.jpg]
07 Nov 2018, 01:45 PM
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Offline SmG Jerry2004

SmG Member
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Discord: Jerry#2466
RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Go Kermit DeathPacito
-I Do Programming And Hacking Stuff-           Programming Languages i Use: C++,Java
 You Want Me To Help You With Smft?           The Software i Use To Program: Visual Studio,Eclipse,Android Studio
    Give Me A Message I May Be Able                         For Hacking You Can Find Out On My Steam Profile       
              To Do Smft For You                         For More Info About What I Do Just Take a Look At My Steam Acc
                                                                   I Wont Make Anything For The People i Dont Trust Or Dont Know
                                                                           Stay Happy And Have A Great Day! 
                                                                                                     -Good Luck!- :3
07 Nov 2018, 01:57 PM
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Offline SmG Ramen Resangen

SmG Scout
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Discord: Ramen resangen#8935
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RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Welcome onii-chan
[Image: 2duzalc.jpg]

 "Those who don't understand true Pain,
                            will never understand true love"
07 Nov 2018, 02:17 PM
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Online «SmG» CCPrincess

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RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy it here!

- CCPrincess 

[Image: Sig-3.gif]
08 Nov 2018, 12:26 AM
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Away Valentina

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BronyChristmas 2018
RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Welcome, glad you joined!!! <3
08 Nov 2018, 01:00 AM
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Offline SmG Shintaro

SmG Member
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Discord: Shintaro#9326
GeniusHand-held/Mobile GamerChristmas 2018
RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

welcome SmGLove
                                                        Thanks @SmG Ramen Resangen for the sig. LOL
08 Nov 2018, 02:44 AM
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Online SmG Selma

Member of The Month
Member of The Month
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Discord: Selma#6436
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RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

welcome to the community!!!!
[Image: Screenshot_7.png]
SmG Selma
MOTM March 2019
08 Nov 2018, 02:11 PM
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Offline SmG Alluring

SmG Member
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Location: Massachusetts, USA
Discord: @شایان #1519
MineCraft ExpertGamer
RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Who am I? 
Just a 17-year-old Junior in High School

What do I like?
Video games, coding, basketball and other sports (besides American Football-soccer ftw)

How can you contact me?
Discord- شایان#1519 (yes this is my real name on Discord, if you want to add me quicker just go to the SmG Discord and do @SmG Alluring and my name should pop up.
Twitter- @sin_sinsonic19

[Image: N1E9avGa]

08 Nov 2018, 03:36 PM
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Offline SmG Conan

Senior Member
Senior Member
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Discord: Meatspin#9716
DrunkHand-held/Mobile GamerLegendarySapphire DonatorThanks From CloudChristmas 2018
GamerLeague of Legends
RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

[Image: 268RLZL.png]
08 Nov 2018, 07:10 PM
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Offline SmG Lightning

Senior Member
Senior Member
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Location: Orchard Park,NY
Discord: Lightning#1812
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RE: Welcome SmG moonlight_jpg

Welcome To SmG!!
[Image: jdeDyZU.gif]
08 Nov 2018, 10:28 PM
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