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Posting because the CN's kinda dead
Offline SmG Lynx

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Posting because the CN's kinda dead

Before you lock this post (mods :/) for not having a proper purpose, there is a purpose to this. And its to let everyone know that our clan net exists folks. I know anyone who reads this will be coming from the General Chat in the discord. 

Regardless though, question.

Do you think that just maybe.... somewhere out there in the universe, there's other beings wondering the same question? Or are we the only one's who reached this area of complexity (Gene, Nature and Technology wise)?
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18 Oct 2019, 12:28 AM
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Offline Ansh

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Halloween 2019
RE: Posting because the CN's kinda dead

Hmmmmm...... Yes maybe
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18 Oct 2019, 07:48 AM
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