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Why judge people and always be yourself.
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Star  Why judge people and always be yourself.

KirbyHi SmG
okay, so ill go straight to it.

acting like someone else can be hard, and you may not have noticed, but yes some of you have seen me live on a channel playing a weird horse game, but you know what? that's who i am. No need to judge someone just for playing a game and trying to find new bugs(that's me when i'm hella bored, trying to find bugs), however, you may also notice that i have often went quiet, well that's to protect myself from people that judges me. I may sound happy, but deeply i am not. Judging can get people to be someone else to act cool, or cute or anything else. Deep inside they're scared to be themselves, because some people have told them bad things just because of a game, just why? it's just a game bro, chill. 

however, it hurts me when i see others being judged also, i've seen it. Heard it, and even experienced it. Don't judge them for who they are, keep the negative thoughts to yourself or bring it up somewhere private, they are humans like you.

Peace out!

love, wolf.  ToadBye SmGLove
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02 Dec 2019, 06:31 AM
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RE: Why judge people and always be yourself.

Judging can be harsh. I mean if it isn't a nice opinion it can easily be kept to yourself. Sometimes you just have to ignore the people who wish to criticize you for what you love to do. 
I prefer for people to be who they truly are, it allows for the world to see how unique and awesome they truly are.  Blush
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02 Dec 2019, 08:30 AM
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RE: Why judge people and always be yourself.

Now that's some good advice which i would love if everyone followed it.
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02 Dec 2019, 08:33 AM
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